About Us

About Us
FUTEK employee at work on a torque sensor

We make innovation possible

FUTEK specializes in creating inventive custom solutions for today's leading tech innovators. Our sensing and test-measurement instruments have been to Mars and below the sea, they save people's lives and even help read their minds.

We have a fearless approach to new projects because we have the expertise to back it up. Our unique combination of innovation, honesty, quality, hard work and great people make it possible.



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Our mission

We strive to reinvent and redefine technology. Our products help to push the boundaries of innovation, allowing our customers to revolutionize fields as diverse as medicine, aerospace, digital tech and AI.

We continuously grow our expertise by taking on and designing solutions for complex challenges that redefine what's possible. We achieve this through what we call our 3D vision:

  • Designing a creative and innovative product line
  • Demanding excellence in our products, services, and people
  • Delivering successful results

We believe that investing in our team, equipment and workplace provides a healthy environment that supports the development of both our people and our business. Quality in our work and quality of life are the cornerstones of our culture. We live these values every day.

Our values

We help our customers shape the future of tech through custom solutions that reinvent and redefine sensor technology.

Quality culture
We don't do quality control. We live and breathe a quality culture where failure doesn't happen in the first place.

Continuous evolution
We never stop growing. Our hands-on, collaborative environment allows us to work across departments to mentor and learn from each other.

Our team's mix of cultures and backgrounds offers a multitude of perspectives that helps us solve problems more creatively.

In-house production
We keep research, development and production under one roof, fostering short feedback loops and interchange of expertise.

Quality of life
Work and life are inextricable. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment, support, benefits and service to help our people thrive.

Our story

In 1985, Javad Mokhbery first launched FUTEK as a one-man operation out of his one-bedroom apartment in Irvine. Since then, FUTEK has grown into an industry leader with a reputation for highly innovative products of unsurpassed quality. Our success is built on scrappiness and rigor — we're relentlessly focused on continuously improving our quality and expertise, enabling us to create solutions that no one else has been able to execute.


(Left to right) Majid Mokhbery, Mohammad Mokhberi, Zohreh Mokhbery, Javad Mokhbery, and Ali Mokhberi in 1995


Javad in 1998


Javad and Mohammed in 2010


Javad Mokhbery registers the business name FUTECH RESEARCH. He starts building the company out of his one-bedroom apartment while working as an engineer at Rockwell International, designing instruments for NASA space shuttles.


Javad starts focusing on FUTECH full-time. His brother Mohammad Mokhberi joins as co-founder. Zohreh Mokhbery, Javad's wife, also joins.


The first non-family employee, Miryam Galvis, is hired. The company name is changed to FUTEK.


FUTEK moves from a leased 4500 square foot facility to its 18,000 plus square foot headquarters.


FUTEK becomes ISO 9001:2000 certified and ISO 17025 accredited.


FUTEK celebrates the Mars Rover landing and the successful implementation of its on-board sensors. Employee headcount reaches 100.


The acquisition of a new building in Irvine adds another 65,000 square feet to manufacturing. FUTEK now ships over 60,000 sensors annually.

Who we are

When you join us, you become part of our family. We know that everything we are is because of who our people are. We're very proud of our talented team.

Javad MJavad M
Zohreh MZohreh M
Olga GOlga G
Maitte GMaitte G
Joanna TJoanna T
Kathie TKathie T
Richard WRichard W
Navid MNavid M
Hamid MHamid M
Stacey NStacey N
Armida GArmida G
Rogelio CRogelio C
Sophal MSophal M
Alejandra ZAlejandra Z
John VJohn V
Oscar COscar C
Norma HNorma H
Pero LPero L
Thomas BThomas B
Sophallida PSophallida P
Ehsan MEhsan M
Chantha SChantha S
Greg NGreg N
Otdammony MOtdammony M
Maziar TMaziar T
Amir Ali MAmir Ali M
Brandon KBrandon K
Vandy SVandy S
Moryna HMoryna H
Dinet YDinet Y
Mehdi KMehdi K
Chantha KChantha K
Fernando AFernando A
Chanthou KChanthou K
Sreynak SSreynak S
Ritu TRitu T
Chantheang TChantheang T
AliReza MAliReza M
Sara RSara R
John TJohn T
Siyon KSiyon K
Eric TEric T
Juana OJuana O
Sok Heng SSok Heng S
Maria SMaria S
Lourdes LLourdes L
Fernando DFernando D
Michelle TMichelle T
Chantha CChantha C
Chettra CChettra C
Noemi DNoemi D
Jorge GJorge G
Asutosh VAsutosh V
Veronica GVeronica G
Elizabeth SElizabeth S
Piseth SPiseth S
Vanda SVanda S
Joon PJoon P
Gabriel ZGabriel Z
Minhchau DMinhchau D
Ken NKen N
Hanna VHanna V
Ali HAli H
Carlos DCarlos D
Ngochanh HNgochanh H
Farshid AFarshid A
Edgar JEdgar J
Aileen CAileen C
Joseph NJoseph N
Karla SKarla S
Richard MRichard M
Javier RJavier R
Stephanie MStephanie M
Thomas HThomas H
Nabil HNabil H
Vineel AVineel A
Georgi PGeorgi P
Pratik TPratik T
David CDavid C
Jordan JJordan J
Jesus HJesus H
Nina YNina Y
Shayan SShayan S
Ebenezer FEbenezer F
Kumar RKumar R
Sean MSean M
Mauro GMauro G
Thida HThida H
Linda LLinda L
Jason OJason O
Kunthear LKunthear
Phirun CPhirun C
Sivgech HSivgech H
Youpin CYoupin C
Phichsang KPhichsang K
Efrain DEfrain D
David CDavid C
Sasan VSasan V
Srey HSrey H
Cuong PCuong P
Jose GJose G
Ytzayam GYtzayam G
Joshua LJoshua L
Reno LReno L
Flor ZFlor Z
Sopheak KSopheak K
Jose RJose R
Mike TMike T
Max SMax S
Thavy CThavy C
Diana KDiana K
Kim CKim C
Martin IMartin I
Kaelie VKaelie V
Chou LChou L
Saoeurn MSaoeurn M
Yen YYen Y
Ryan CRyan C
Zamirah SZamirah S
Seth FSeth F
Elijah LElijah L
Tammie PTammie P
Yizzel VYizzel V
David MDavid M
Mark OMark O
Rebeca LRebeca L
Tai NTai N
Christopher SChristopher S
Tatijana STatijana S
Rohan SRohan S
Khoa NKhoa N
Ny SNy S
Kanitha MKanitha M
Lakkhun CLakkhun C
Renee WRenee W
Sophea MSophea M
Chansetha SChansetha S
Sokunthy SSokunthy S
Marisa YMarisa Y
Bao HBao H
Tri DTri D
Narong CNarong C
Sochenda SSochenda S
Derek TDerek T
Christopher SChristopher S
Marc MMarc M
Danny NDanny N
Leyla TLeyla T
Duc NDuc N
Sokny SSokny S
Sreynich MSreynich M
Sarady OSarady O
Joseph HJoseph H
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