Return Or Repair (RMA)

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Upon submittal of this form, a RMA number with shipping instructions will be provided within 24 hours.
Terms and Conditions
  • Our fee for a product evaluation is $150. Upon completion of evaluation, a credit will be applied if it is determined to be a manufacturing defect.
    • The $150 will be waived in the event of a repair, recalibration, or replacement purchased per quote provided post evaluation.
    • Payment (Credit Card or POs) will not be charged until after an estimate is provided and agreed upon post evaluation, or the customer is unresponsive past 1 week at which point $150 will be charged and the units shipped back.
  • RMA# is valid for 2 weeks from the day RMA is approved. A new RMA can be issued upon request.
  • Any fixtures from equipment must be removed. FUTEK is not responsible for any peripherals attached to the unit that was not purchased through FUTEK.
  • Payment will be required before any repair or service is commenced. All fees will be communicated to user in advance before proceeding.
  • Calibration fees may apply. A calibration is necessary after any repair and may also be required to test sensor performance further.
  • Time is of the essence. If quotation is not responded to within 1 week, units will be shipped back as is

The user represents that he/she (i) has authority to send any information he/she provides to FUTEK and (ii) FUTEK will use the information solely for purposes of responding to the inquiry presented.

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