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Help us redefine technology’s limits

We create unprecedented sensor solutions that help revolutionize industries and shape the future. That means pushing the limits of possibility and taking on projects that others back away from. We’re looking for people who share our bold vision and commitment to quality and excellence, while embracing our culture of collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, trust and respect.

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“I’m proud to be associated with a brand that is pushing the envelope of human achievement.” Kumar, Business Development


Our values

Mindful hiring
We're extremely fastidious about bringing new colleagues to our team. When we hire you, we make a commitment. In 25 years, we have had zero layoffs.

Ownership & impact
We let you hit the ground running, but with support. You'll have senior experts to guide you as you tackle important projects. If you have ideas for improvement, we'll likely put you in charge of implementing them.

Optimum facilities
Investing in our workspace is part of our quality culture. Continuously improving our equipment and maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment allows our people to do their best work.

“When I started at FUTEK 24 years ago, I felt so welcome that I always wanted to go that extra mile. We stay here because we keep growing with the company and we know that the company supports us no matter what.” Maitte, Human Resources

Quality of life

It's extremely important to us that our people thrive. We're always looking for new ways to make your life easier and don't stop until we have the best possible benefits and perks.

  • Generous PTO policy, eight paid holidays, bereavement pay and jury duty pay
  • 100% coverage of a Cadillac health plan
  • Complimentary life insurance coverage,
  • AD&D and long term disability
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Complimentary counseling
  • Appreciation days, lunches, holiday parties and team events
  • "Weeks of Giving" initiative with our charity partner
  • Gym membership discounts and wellness activities
  • Dry cleaning pick up service and on-site car wash



For most positions, FUTEK doesn’t expect potential candidates to have any previous experience working in the sensor industry field.

If you see a position that matches your qualifications on our Open Positions page, please apply directly for that posting. If you don't see a position there that matches your qualifications, please click the link that says "join our talent community" to submit your resume for future consideration.

We typically go through a three-stage interview process. This includes a phone interview, first on-site interview, and final interview. During the final interview, we provide an opportunity for our candidates to meet with any FUTEK team member they please. This allows you to ask questions and have a candid conversation about what it is like to work at FUTEK. The recruiting manager never participates in this session, which allows FUTEK team members to fully and freely share their experience.

We recognize that interviews are stressful. Therefore, we do our best to create a very relaxed interviewing environment. We strongly encourage curiosity. As we are inquiring about your past experiences and interest in working with us, we love it when you ask us questions, too.

We're very selective about adding new team members and conduct a thorough process to make sure that each candidate is a fit. Once you join us, we regard you as family. We're very proud of our team as we owe our success to all these talented individuals who have unconditionally trusted and supported us throughout the years. Our people are FUTEK. They're the reason our customers keep returning to us again and again.

We keep our team involved and challenged to make sure they recognize their role and contribution to our vision. Challenges are approached by a team rather than just one individual. We're brought together when we succeed and we stay together even when we fail. But before we can solve problems collaboratively, we all have to understand what they are. Every morning, we meet with FUTEK's team leaders to explore our objectives, discuss the challenges, and find new avenues to inspire each other. We also hold a monthly meeting where every FUTEK employee is present to discuss important matters such as monthly performance, safety, or just to announce the celebration of a birthday.

We subscribe to an open door policy where our employees feel comfortable to communicate openly with us. We recognize that there will always be a wall between employers and employees, but we have managed to make that wall as thin as possible. We don't babysit our employees, and strongly believe that they're here to grow and evolve. We know that our people do an outstanding job as long as they're tooled properly, trained sufficiently and guided wisely. Our management style emphasizes mentoring and coaching, because we don't think it's productive to boss people around. It's for these reasons, and many more, that we find our employees sticking with us.

As each position we fill is unique, the training program for it is completely customized. We encourage asking questions and remind everyone that the only stupid question is the one which was not asked.

“Many companies are content to play around in the backwater pond — we swim in the ocean.” Javad Mokhbery, CEO and Founder
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