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Load Cell - Tank Dispensing

Application Summary

Tank dispensing is based on the container’s contents - both inputted and outputted. This application utilizes a full load cell system to ensure equal distribution

Products in Use

One LCF Series Pancake Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500 or IAA Series).

Tank Dispensing
How it Works
  1. In this application, a silo is feeding grain into a dispensing container, while an output valve is releasing grain into the carrier truck below.

  2. To monitor the contents both inputted and outputted, the application engineer has installed a FUTEK LCF Series Load Cell atop the dispensing container.

  3. As grain is added or removed from the container, FUTEK’s LCF Series Load Cell will measure the distribution ratio of grain as it leaves the container.

  4. To ensure equal distribution of grain between carrier trucks, FUTEK’s instruments (IHH500 and IPM650) are programmed to trigger the output valve to release an equal quantity each time.

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