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Rotory torque system Made Easy
we understand that constructing a full sensing platform may seem daunting. so we want to reduce your headache. Here is an outline illustrating the process of piecing together the perfect text and measurment suite-from sensor to instrument to software.
Rotory Torques
FUTEK's TRS Series
With a capacity range of 1 Nm to 1,000 Nm, FUTEK's Shaft-to-Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor Series caters to your application's requirements offering multiple shaft-size options, as well as encoder options. Models with build-in encoder allow users the ability to measure rotational displacement, angle and rotations per minuite(RPM).
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from displays to USB Solutions
FUTEK works with customers around the world, helping them tailor a platform based on their specifications. Weather your application calls for an amplifier, panel mount, handheld display, or USB Solution, FUTEK's TRS Rotary Series is compatible will each options.
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Test & Measurement Software
Unique to FUTEK is our SENSIT Test and Measurement Software. This software works alongside our panel mount and handheld display, as well as our USB Solutions. It allows the user to graph, log, calibrate, compute, and store all your data
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