LSB200 S-Beam Features

Space constraints are a major factor within test and measurement platforms. Thus, the need for a versatile miniature sensing component became very evident to FUTEK’s engineering team. For this reason, they designed and developed the LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell. Standing under an inch in height, this load cell has an impressive capacity range, durability, and adaptability.
Miniature Size, Many Capacities
The predominant advantage to the LSB200 is its miniature size. However, that miniaturization never jeopardized this load cell’s expansive capacity range. With a flexure height of 0.75 inches, FUTEK’s LSB200 can withstand loads from 10 grams to 100 lbs.
Tension & Compression Measurements
Versatility is key with load cells and fortunately FUTEK’s LSB200 can measure both tensile and compressive forces. With an entire line of accessories dedicated to this miniature S-Beam load cell, measurements from medical bag weighing to wire/cable tension are made possible.
Submersible & OEM Versions
Knowing the importance of every application across various industries and environments, FUTEK’s engineering team developed both an OEM and a submersible model of the LSB200. High volume LSB200 solutions are available, as well as FUTEK’s LSB210 model, which is designed to meet the IP67 rated submersible environment. We ask you to contact our team for more information on both of these options.
Overload Protection
FUTEK’s engineering team discovered that the only way to shield a miniature sensor’s accuracy and effectiveness was to include an overload feature within the sensor. Therefore, integrated into the design of the LSB200 is an overload stop that protects the load cell from accidental overloads. FUTEK offers a 1000% safe overload rated output on LSB200 models within the capacity range of 10 grams to 25 lb.
U.S.A Designed & Manufactured
FUTEK is very proud to state that their miniature SBeam Jr. Load Cell is completely designed and manufactured that their headquarters in Irvine, California, USA. That means each and every LSB200 produced has been qualified by operators and quality inspectors, ensuring you the best in test and measurement products.
Customizable Capabilities
While FUTEK’s standard LSB200 solution offers a number of options, there are also custom design capabilities available. Whether a project requires a new product designs from the ground up or modifications to the existing model, FUTEK’s engineering team is well versed in taking on such projects and delivering measurable results: Vacuum rated, Non-magnetic, Radiation, High temperatures
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