S-Beam Load Cell Features

FUTEK LSB Load Cells not only offer a vast capacity range, but many capabilities that are ideal for In-Line endurance applications. From overload protection to submersible models to OEM options, these eight models within the S-Beam Series fulfill applications ranging from industrial automation to delicate medical testing.
Vast Capacities
Unique to the LSB Series is its broad capacity range. With measurements at 10 grams to 25,000 lb., this line has the ability to fit many applications requiring endurance testing. When paired with any of the USB Solutions, the LSB Series can produce measurements as precise as 0.10 grams.
Overload Protection
Because of its robust construction, the LSB Series (select models) can sustain high volume loads. FUTEK specifically designed this sensor line with a protective feature that limits the output of the sensor, shielding it from being damaged. This unique feature provides the user assurance that if overload is accidentally applied to the load cell it will still perform to it intended abilities.
For applications involving liquids, FUTEK offers the option for submersible capabilities in its S-Beam Load Cell Line. The LSB210 can be submerged in any non-conductive and non-corrosive liquid. From humid environments to cryogenic liquids, this Miniature Load Cell can withstand the most enduring environments. FUTEK presents to you the solution to low capacity and submersible applications – the LSB210.
OEM Options
The LSB line was design to allow for easy adaptation per application. With no loss in the quality or precision, the stock unit design can be modified to fit your criteria. This becomes a cost effective solution for clients wishing to customize a large quantity of units for their applications. With customization options including submersible, metric threads, overload protection, size restrictions, and non magnetic features, industries have various options to fit their specifications.
Tension-Compression Measurements
As an In-Line tension and/or compression tool, the LSB Series is designed for endurance measurements. Due to its design, applications utilizing FUTEK LSB Series Load Cells must avoid any possibility of side load, as side loads may negatively affect the unit itself.
U.S.A. Made
FUTEK is very proud to state that their S Beam Series Load Cells are completely designed and manufactured that their headquarters in Irvine, California, USA. That means each and every LSB Load Cell produced has been qualified by operators and quality inspectors, ensuring you the best in test and measurement products.