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LTH Series is a Donut Load Cell (aka Thru Hole load Cell) is a variation of a low profile compression load cell and features a compact, smooth thru-hole design for use in applications which require the load structure to pass thru the sensor.

Typical applications include press, Inline compression applications, bolt force measurements (bolt loading), clamping forces, overload monitoring post or leg mount, and rolling mill systems.


donut load cell Thru Hole load Cell Through Hole Load Cell bolt fastening load washer

Fig 1: Donut Load Cell - Force Washer / Bolt Fastening Application / Clamping Force.


Offered in either tension or tension / compression models, measuring load ranges from 5lb to 50,000 lbs. The standard sensor output is mV/V. Amplified output available via in-line amplifiers, such as FUTEK Signal Conditioners (link).


The standard LTH Through Hole Load Cell model has a very robust construction available in 17-4 Stainless Steel, with an I.D. range of 1/8” to 3/8” and a 10 feet long 29 AWG 4 conductor shielded Teflon cable. You will also find Thru-Hole Load Cell and donut load cells for external matched output readily available.


If you need special modifications or a complete customized sensor design, please don’t hesitate to contact FUTEK.


Want to learn more about Strain Gage Load Cell? Visit the "How a Load Cell works" page!  load cell recalibration

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