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Load Cell - Toggle Force Clamp

Application Summary

FUTEK's Donut/Thru Hole Load Cell Series can be utilized for endurance press applications, such as toggle force clamping.

Products in Use

A Donut/Thru Hole Load Cell (LTH Series) paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions, IPM650, and IHH500).

Toggle Clamp
How it Works
  1. Toggle clamps are commonly used in manufacturing to stabilize and secure objects. In more sensitive applications, the toggle clamps must apply the correct clamping force to ensure a proper seal.

  2. Load cells can be used to measure the amount of force applied by a toggle clamp to confirm that the clamp is operating within specifications.

  3. In this application, a toggle clamp is clamping down on FUTEK’s LTH350 Donut/Thru Hole Load Cell. As the clamp applies force to the load cell, the LTH350 senses the applied load and can display the value on FUTEK’s IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held display, FUTEK’s IPM650 Panel Mount Display, or a PC via FUTEK’s USB solutions.

  4. Pairing the SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software with any of FUTEK’s instruments provides the user with the ability to data log and live graph the measurements.

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