Extended Warranty

Failure is not an option
Standard warranty lasts for one year after the product's shipment date. Extended warranties for three and five years after the load cell's shipment date are available.

Because we know how critical our sensor solutions are to your system, we have created FUTEK’s Extended Warranty Program, which protects you from defects and costly downtime.

The Extended Warranty Program includes:

  • Three or five years warranty from the product’s shipment date.
  • Complete coverage against manufacturing defects. If a product has a defect, it will be repaired or replaced and shipped back free of charge.
  • Expedited action from FUTEK’s support team to help remedy any complication, including SENSIT® software support, guidance on technical documents, and installation help.
  • Option to extend the warranty on your system package, which includes your instruments, accessories and services.
  • Expedited troubleshooting, for any situation where your product is not operating as planned, from the team that designed and manufactured your product.
  • If a manufacturing defect is found, your product will be repaired or replaced and shipped back free of charge.

Standard one-year warranty

  • Guarantees that each product delivered meets published specifications and is free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one year from date of shipment.
  • If a returned product has manufacturing defects, FUTEK will cover the purchase price.
  • “Manufacturing Defects” excludes failures resulting from customer misuse, overload, or abuse of the products as determined by FUTEK’s evaluation of the returned sensor.

Returns (RMA)

If you suspect that your product is malfunctioning, contact your sales associate and fill out this form.

For questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact us at (949) 465-0900.

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