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Miniature Overview

Miniature Sensor Solutions Series miniature medical sensors
Miniature Sensors for all Industries
FUTEK's Miniature Sensor Series provides diverse solutions for Aerospace, Miniature Medical Sensors, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These models offer solutions for applications requiring both Tension and Compression measurements, as well as torsion. And even with their miniature design, they have an impressive capacity range of 10 gram to 20,000 lb.
High Endurance
FUTEK’s miniatures models go through continuous performance cycles. The fatigue rated miniature sensors can last up to 10 million cycles.
Intricate Design
All our miniature sensors are designed by FUTEK's Engineering Team and manufactured with trusted quality and precision at our California head quarters.
Miniature Size
Though they may be small in size, these sensors are capable of measuring extreme capacities. The Miniature Series can measure a range of capacities from grams to pounds.
Overload Protection
Several of our miniature sensors come with a protective feature limiting the output of the sensor; thus, protecting it from being damaged or overloaded.
Submersible Capability
For applications involving liquid, FUTEK offers sensors made for submersible environment. These miniature sensors are suited for most non-conductive and non-corrosive liquid types.
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FUTEK is pleased to offer the first Miniature Digital Load Cell with the USB output and Micro Gram Part Per Million resolution.
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