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What sensors can be used with the IPM650?
  • The IPM650 can accept mV/V sensors up to +/-500mV/V.
  • The IPM650 can also accept amplified sensors with a range of +/-12VDC and a current range of up to 30mA.
Can the IPM650 communicate with the computer?
  • The IPM650 has a USB output.
  • The IPM650 has a streaming ASCII output.
  • We offer SENSIT Test and Measurement software.
Do I need any special equipment to connect my amplified sensor to the IPM650, or connect the IPM650 to the computer?
  • There is no need for special equipment to connect an amplified sensor to the IPM650.
  • The IPM650 comes with a USB cable which simply plugs into a computer USB port.
How long can I record data in the data logging mode?
  • The IPM650 can store up to about 21,000 samples.
  • The length of time, in seconds, is equal to 21,000 divided by the selected sampling rate.
  • The IPM650 offers a half speed mode during data logging which can reduce the sampling rate to 2.5sps when 5sps is selected.
Can I store more than one data logging file?
  • The IPM650 can store one data logging file at a time.
  • The data logging information is removed when power is turned off to the IPM650.
What is the maximum sampling rate for the IPM650?
  • The IPM650 can achieve up to 4800sps.
  • The lower the sampling rate the higher the resolution.
  • You can use our online resolution calculator here to estimate the resulted resolution.
Does the IPM650 have an Analog Output?
  • The IPM650 is equipped with a +/- 5VDC analog output, which can be configured for 0-5VDC or +/-5VDC.
  • The IPM650 is also equipped with an Analog Current output, which can be configured for 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-25mA, or 5-25mA.
Does the IPM650 come with Alarms?
  • The IPM650 is equipped with two solid state relays.
  • The Alarms can be configured to be latched or non-latched.
Regarding System Calibration
During a system calibration, here at FUTEK, the Sensor Config in the IPM650, under Sensor Profile, is set according to the type of output that is appropriate for the sensor. For example, an mV/V sensor would be set for Full Bridge, and a Voltage Output sensor would be set for Voltage output.

Anytime the sensor config is changed to another type of configuration, such as from Voltage Output to mV/V, the profile sensitivity must be re-entered, or re-confirmed. The sensitivity is the output of the sensor, and may be in both a + and – direction.
Regarding setup with Bi-Directional Sensor
For a bi-directional sensor, such as a sensor that has an output for Tension and Compression, the IPM650 may have a profile that has been setup for one direction, such as tension. If the sensor is used with this IPM650 profile in the non-calibrated direction, such as compression, the IPM650 will use the existing profile calibration information to linearize the output in the opposite direction.

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