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FUTEK’s IAA Family features three load cell amplifiers, or force sensor signal conditioners, for any full-bridge, strain gauge sensor with mV/V range outputs.  Providing either voltage ±5 or ±10 VDC Outputs (IAA100) , analog current 4-20 mA Output (IAA200), or differential outputs (IAA300) this line of force sensor amplifiers is suitable for diverse industrial environments and includes an integrated DIN clip.


The IAA Family provides Bridge excitation of either 5 or 10 VDC (DIP Switch) and amplifies strain gage sensors output ranges from 0.5 mV/V up to 10.0 mv/V (DIP Switch). Bandwidth ranges between 25 to 50 kHz. 


FUTEK’s load cell signal conditioner for PLC or DAQ (data acquisition system) are CE approved and RoHS compliant and maintain an exceptionally low noise level. Their sleek and compact enclosures are constructed of one solid metal piece, making the signal conditioning robust and durable, and features removable screw terminals for ease of wiring. 


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