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The Pancake Load Cell (aka Universal Load Cell or Shear Web Load Cell) category is built for Endurance or Inline applications. Pancake Load Cells represent one of the more common designs offered for force measurement applications because their low profile and donut-style shape can be installed within limited real estate.

Shear Web Load Cells have a central threaded hole for measuring loads in either tension or compression. Its ability to compensate for off-axis loading (aka Off-Center Loading) while preserving accuracy, make these force transducers ideal for applications needing high endurance, high fatigue life, or high-capacity in-line measurements such as load cell for tanks weighing system, tablet compression force or injection molding clamping force applications.

FUTEK LCF Shear Web Load Cells are fatigue rated resulting in a better tolerance for high cycle loading. LCF Pancake Load Cell Series is a good fit for applications requiring high precision and high resistance for off-axis loading, such as:

Shear web load cells are commonly used in applications that require high precision and are less sensitive to load conditions. For most capacities, the Univeral Pancake Load Cell is normally designed with multiple shear struts. For lower capacities, it’s designed with bending beams. If properly designed and manufactured, the nature of its structure is less sensitive to extraneous load and moments (especially Torque) compared to other inline sensors such as the S Beam Load Cell, diaphragm, or column type.

Pancake Force Sensors normally provide a female thread thru the center and multiple thru holes on the outer ring for mounting. Fixing the outside mounting holes will allow for it to be used in tension as well. Also by adding the tension base plate option users can utilize it in-line in both tension and compression, just like the S-Beam Load Cell. Capacities ranges vary depending on the manufacturer, but Pancake Load Cells are generally offered from 50 lbs to 1 million lbs. Standard features typically include metric thread and quick disconnect. Fatigue-rated Pancake Load Cells are also available and widely used in endurance testing applications. Submersible versions are also available with integrated cables.

FUTEK Pancake Load Cells are available in a wide capacity range from 25 lbs to 1,000,000 pounds, in both Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum flexure, utilizing metal foil strain gauge technology. These Shear Web Load Cells provide a compact design, achieving accurate measurements in both tension and compression. We also offer built-in in-line amplifiers with VDC/4-20mA or with TEDS per IEEE1451.4 option for plug & play.

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