USB Force Sensor Solutions 520/530

usb force sensor
The benefits of using a USB solution are great. As a user, it gives you the power to monitor the sensor output and enjoy measurements that are less affected by noise, temperature variation, and excitation. The USB520 and USB530 just happen to be more powerful USB modules with great speed, high resolution, little noise interference, and low non-linearity.
Plug & Play Solution
In more robust applications, it's harder to find a plug and play USB solution. You're usually faced with selecting a bench top or panel mount. Not anymore. The USB520 and USB530 are durable, high precision instruments allowing direct communication between your USB force sensor and PC.
Multiple Input Options
Let's face it, versatility is key. We know that transducers have multiple outputs, alluding to the need for a compatible instrument. The USB520 and USB530 work with all sensor types including strain gauge mV/V, voltage, current, and encoder.
Switchable Profile Settings
Aside from the standard current, mV/V, and voltage profile set ups, the USB520 and USB530 have four additional profile channels. This gives them the ability to measure four different sensors with the same instrument.
Encoder Measurements
Until the USB520 and USB530, our IHH500 Elite was the only instrument capable of measuring rotary torque encoder readings (angle and speed). Now, we have other, more compact solutions that feed your data directly into your PC.