Autoclave Sensors

Autoclave Overview
Incorporating force measurement sensors into sterilized medical devices has been difficult, and sometimes cost prohibitive. The high temperature of the autoclave would render traditional load cells unreliable for further tests.
With the addition of a custom designed single sensing element, our engineers were able to deliver a patented, monolithic sensor which can survive repeated autoclave sterilization cycles. These sensors bring tactile and closed loop feedbacks to sterile medical devices.
Our quality standard drives every stage of design, testing, and production. We are so passionate about our quality assurance that we guarantee our products meets and exceeds the quality clauses outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our ISO certifications include ISO-9001, ISO-13485, and ISO-17025.
Key Features
FUTEK’s line of autoclavable sensors highlights our unique miniature, low profile, and monolithic design. FUTEK utilizes glass seals in our miniature autoclavable load cells, which prevent steam particles from breaching the sensor’s housing. This design enhancement allows the sensor to survive thousands of sterilization cycles.
Watching a video usually gives you a better understanding of a product, and what better way to learn about our MedTech capabilities than to see it in action. Check out our videos to learn more about FUTEK’s development of hermetically sealed load cells.
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