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Sensors for the next generation of MedTech platforms

For the past three decades, FUTEK has invested in researching and developing miniature custom sensor solutions that are poised to push the boundaries of MedTech innovation, such as haptic feedback in robotic surgery and less invasive laparoscopic tools. Combining subminiature package design, precision measurement and consistent sensitivity, stability, and repeatability in sterile environments, our sensors pave the way for smarter and more reliable healthcare solutions.

This conceptual rendering of the multi-jointed robotic arm of a surgical system illustrates the important roles that sensors play in this kind of minimally invasive procedure. As the surgeon is working remotely from a console, his or her movements are translated into robotic movements that emulate the dexterity of the human hand and wrist. In order to move with precision and accuracy, the robotic arm relies on the sensors’ force and torque measurement and feedback.




1Micro Reaction Torque Sensor

Micro torque sensor, mounted between the servo motor and its mounting points, provides closed-loop feedback on the torque measurement, ensuring smooth movement.

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2Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell

Miniature inline force sensor, mounted closer to the instrument, provides critical force feedback that ensures that the robot applies the correct amount of force to tools like cutters and staplers.

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3Load Cell Built for Autoclave

Hermetically sealed autoclave load cell, located right behind the instrument, is designed to withstand the autoclave sterilization process of high temperature and high pressure while maintaining original specifications.

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4Nano Force Sensor

Nano sensor, whose microscopic size allows it to be placed at the very tip of the surgical tool, enables direct measurement that eliminates any factors that could create drifts in the output.

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Custom solutions for your most complex applications

FUTEK's engineering team goes above and beyond to understand our customers' needs and create a complete application solution. When you partner with us, you'll benefit from our experience and resources at the same time as you'll save resources and add value to your organization.

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Learn more about how FUTEK's sensor solutions push the boundaries of innovation for MedTech applications.


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