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USB Solution for All Industries
FUTEK is among the first in the test and measurement industry to utilize USB Technology to simplify data retrieval and collection. With the introduction of a universal “plug and play” USB Load Cell Amplifier solution, measurement platforms are set up to gather more precise and effective results in a variety of applications.
USB Technology>
USB Load Cell Technology, within this industry, will soon set the precedent for speed and ease in data compilation. It eliminates the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters with a “plug and play” technology. Setting up your USB Force Sensor is quick and the cost is much lower than a traditional Sensor System.
USB Software
With the introduction of our USB Load Cell ADC Technology, FUTEK has also designed the software to capture all of your test and measurement data. SENSIT Test and Measurement Software displays the Peak/Valley, Tare/Gross and allows full data logging and live graphing capabilities.
Available Models
FUTEK’s experience with USB Technology is vast. Our research and development for USB Load Cell Amplifier has given us ample experience and understanding of the elements involved when converting strain gauge sensors to USB Sensors.
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