USB Sensor Solutions USB320

The USB320 is an external USB device that accepts amplified inputs from either voltage or current sensors. Eliminating the need for a power supply, the USB320 provides excitation voltage for the sensor via the cable plugged into the PC. The analog output of the sensors is then digitized and processed by a microprocessor using the integrated high resolution (24 bits) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The on-board USB device allows the microprocessor to communicate with the PC by means of the USB link. The USB integration works hand-in-hand with SENSIT™ Test and Measurement software, which allows users to monitor the actual output of the sensor in real time.
Amplified Sensors
To optimize space, certain sensors have built-in amplifiers. This is especially useful in micro-sensors, since typically the levels of measurement require a boost to be read by the analog-to-digital converters (ADC). Our USB320 is equipped to read that amplified output from the sensor.
Current and Voltage Sensors
In most situations, strain gauge sensors have a millivolt output. But there are application where either a voltage or current output will derive. The USB320 can support sensors with up to 10 VDC inputs and 0–20 mA inputs.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
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